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Monday, June 21, 2010Y

haven been bloggin for a long time.
guess i am tooooooooo lazy to do tat now.
esp uploading photos which makes alot of inconvience.

spending the last holis of mine.
really dread the thought tat sch is starting next week..

wad i order from the afforable loves tat blogshop didnt arrive.
dunno wad the hel happen along the way

i guess there goes my $41++ dollars
oh man.

tats all.
will post if i am hardworking enough.
oh man. ss501 promo activities ended jus liek tat.
wad teh shit is this.
i am bored shit everyday.
tot i can watch their perf almost like everyday.
in the end..... i am left with BOREDOM.

10:20 PM Photobucket

Tuesday, May 18, 2010Y


hey hey,
actually i found out this online shopping blogspot which sells very cheap clothes!


as u know i am a cheapo.
so i will tend to buy clothes that are within $20!
just nice, this blog offers to sell 3 for $42 which is a damn good deal.
the clothes are from taiwan and korea!
yes, korea, which i am a fan of it~

i decided to buy the package which is 3 for $42.
the good part is u dun have to think of what is each apparel's price.
u just need to CHOOSE!
is very sad that i have to narrow the choice cuz i dun wanna spend to much..

they range from dress (damn lot), tops, coat, etc.
all the same price.
another thing i like about this blogshop is the design are totally worth the money.
for example,if u see similar design, it would be selling $18 and above.

u can get further discount if u advertise her blog and refer to a fren!
u can save on the postage fees!
its really affordable and i LOVED it.
really have to take alook at it.
i have alrdy made my order~~

even if there is no discount, i will still write about it.
cuz i think is really damn cheap and i have been browsing these website 8months ago.
wanted to buy more but i want to wait for new designs...

anyway, if this post is not here,
u can still get the website at my right column,
under SS501 love like this perf vid.

everything is very detailed in the website.
p/s: damn efficient, i email the person in charge the next morning i receive the mail! =)

10:41 PM Photobucket

Saturday, May 01, 2010Y

just wanna blog that the day i finally awaits arrives!
its 501 day!!!
SS501 comeback~

just saw the photos.
dun really like.. but looking forward to the perf!!
hope tml there is uploads of performance.

young saeng ah!!! hwaiting!

2:02 AM Photobucket

Thursday, April 08, 2010Y

just cleared my kitchen today.
i am tooo lazy to post the photos.
will upload next time i guess.

as usual, my mum 1st reaction was u throw away wad thing??
cant u have any other comments to make?
is tat all u can think of?
other parents out there are very envious that a daughter like me help ard the hse.
but wad u gave are a bunch of negative shits.
can u stop earning blindly?

sometimes i wonder why am i doing all these shit.

i wonder wad my family would look like if my father did nt left n my mum is somemore who goes with the trend.
i guess i wun be blogging such emo post right?

recently i have been spending time with jagiya's mum.
heard comments tat ,"so weird, nvr spend time with ur mum but her fren's mum"
i rly rly felt like crying tat very moment.
cuz jagiya's mum and jagiya gave me alot of things tat i cant use money to buy which is called warmth, care and concern.
which my mum dun.

at least i know someone out there is concern abt me, acc me when i need to, talk stuff that i like.
i rather my mum earn lesser money and be more open abt views.
of cuz, i am to blame too.
not being sensible and sensitive to feelings.

really envy those ppl who can communicate every single thing freely with their parents.
all i can do is to kp inside and.... contd to kp inside.

well. tats all. feel alot better.

11:32 PM Photobucket

Thursday, April 01, 2010Y

really super long didnt update my blog.
just found a job intro by weihao.
finally i have smth that is called INCOME.
just hope everything goes fine and i can cope.
tml is the first day of work.

really wanna thank m1 for being so understanding and supportive,
he didnt even say and discouraging words when i mention i wanna work.
felt so grateful to have such an understanding NAM JA CHINGU! (bf, i mean)

quite a number of things happen during my holis.
firstly, slack.
secondly, had a mini chalet.
thirdly, went to ikea wid jagiya n her mum
fourthly, spend time with m1.
fifthly, overnight at jagiya's hse

so many ongoing things happening.
my mum say me treating my hm as a hotel.

i dun liek to spend time at hm.
basically, its BORING.
no fun,
no entertainment,

well, its hard for others to understand why i am living like that,
and why i have become such a heartless person to hack care my mum's feeling,
i guess this is how i escape deep rooted family problems like tat.
maybe its rly hard to bring myself to change the current state.
well, hack.
but i am glad to have a gd brother
which have become 1 of my close fren.
dunno why,
but after he enter ns, we started to chat all kinds of craps.

also, rly contented to know jagiya n her mum.
although jagiya always apologise to me that she left me n her mum alone,
but i think i shld be the one apologising.
i kp on pester them n staying at their hse.
felt rly guilty.
cuz if i dun stay, den jagiya dun have to apologise as the situation of leaving me n her mum alone wun happen!
hahhaha. am i smart?
but rly mianne jagiya..
kp spend ur mum's $ and make u cant slp comfortably cuz i squeeze bed wid u.
chincha mianne and gomawo.
bring me lots of happiness i have nvr exp b4

of cuz, m1!
giving me alot of care and concern beyond wad my parents gave.
caring every of my needs and being supportive.
letting me win even though i am at fault.
tolerate my unreasonable stupid shits.
best liao la.
if i were m1, i sure give up long time ago.

i super shiok liao.
rants lots of stuff.
i will stop here,
if i have the time, i will post some photos.

BYE! =)

1:04 AM Photobucket

Tuesday, March 16, 2010Y

its the march holidays now.
ppl are earning money and i am spending like nobody's biz.
any jobs to offer me??

today meetup with my beloved dear jen!
went to our same usual place BUGIS.
we decided that we seriously need to find another place to shop.
cant find any nice clothes. =(

bought a bag and a checkered shirt and some stuffs.
oh gosh.
i need to limit myself.

den went home with dear and her bf.
thanks for acc me home! =)
we should meetup often dear!!!
cheer up and do take care!!

looking forward to go out with jagiya baby and xun.
by the way, its BUGIS AGAIN.
is singapore that small?
yes it is.

alright, i got to go hang some clothes.

1:30 AM Photobucket